The White Pearl Gallery (*2016) is a gallery resembling a biotope. It is a space that represents a collection of influences from artists, curators, and viewers who co-create a living cultural environment.

A more extensive curator range of the gallery spans from an internal and philosophical character of exhibitions all the way to political or social commentaries, and it is connected by current scenographic handwriting, timeliness of topics, and an appeal to the installation aesthetics. It emerges in reaction to suggestions from cooperating curators, artists, and also perceived needs of the contemporary audience and, thus, the gallery keeps up with the ever-accelerating pace of this age.

The effort and open approach of the gallery team aims to develop a platform for creating daring progressive exhibition projects, their detailed presentation, and a space in which the audience wants to find their own interpretation.

A no less important goal of the gallery is continual work with the potential of individual authors followed by the presentation of their work both locally and internationally. This is always done in an innovative language and relating to current events and circumstances.