Jiří Procházka_Eight Oranges in Abstract Structure (Holiday Setup)

11. 05. 2020
— 30. 06. 2020

Afternoon happening in newly opened Aquarium in EMA espresso bar:

Jiří Procházka
“Eight Oranges in Abstract Structure” (Holiday setup)

11. 5. 2020
16:00 – 18:00
Na Florenci 1420/3
110 00, Prague


Sky turned green again and he saw how the oranges were even more visible.
He could also recognize that there are eight of them but still he could not understand what it is or what all of this means. Sharp structure holding the fruit, slightly moving from side to side, sound of the beach coming with sand into his ears. Timeless moment, he thought.

“Eight Oranges in Abstract Structure” or also “Holiday setup” is modified canvas 80x120cm presented as a solitaire work via showcase organized by White Pearl Gallery. Canvas itself is a continuation of previous still life work named “Still life with 7 oranges on finish flag”.



Aquarium is the exhibition rhizome of White Pearl Gallery, which is with its layout ideal for presentation of one work or mono-installation. Observing the art work though the glass evokes an impression of an aquarium living its own life. The location works with a random passer-by and it transforms him into an exhibition spectator within the public space.