C 1 1 1 R K U S ( 追魂者潛行於街區, 充滿希望地做生意 )

20. 02. 2020
— 30. 04. 2020

Galerie 90° & White Pearl Gallery present:

N. Y. D. K. J. R.

C 1 1 1 R K U S ( 追魂者潛行於街區, 充滿希望地做生意 )
20. 02. 2020 30.04.2020 
Mokropeská 2026, Černošice 


Ladies, gentlemen, unidentified, unidentifiable, and horses!
C111RKUS has arrived to Černošice!!!

In Gallery 90°, N. Y. D. K. J. R. in cooperation with Alexandra Karpuchina would like to present an exhibition of contemporary art called C111RKUS (追魂者潛行於街區, 充滿希望地做生意…) performed by the best clowns that the Czech guild of painters can currently offer. You can get excited for such artists as Namor Yanna, Julius Reichel, or David Krňanský. The exhibition will showcase paintings and maybe there will be a magic show!

“A Ferrari is galloping through the concrete prairie, 666 km/h. Google me baby, the circus of things has arrived in town. Seelenfänger schleichen um den Block und Machen Geschäft mit der Hoffnung.”