Julius Reichel – BrainMax NeuroHacker Manifesto

26. 09. 2019
— 29. 09. 2019

Vienna Contemporary 2019

Julius Reichel _ BrainMax NeuroHacker Manifesto

by White Pearl Gallery

Vienna Contemporary 2019, A23

Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Wien, Austria

26. 9.- 29. 9. 2019


The A23 booth is not only different by its packaging and design, but mainly by its composition and components.

Drugs are well disguised in a candy store so that travelers coming to an art fair, unconsciously, are to digest the “Ultimate Question to Life” thanks to the nootropics spread through the Big Heads.

And yes, all travelers need their towels. #DONTPANIC

*The name of installation was changed after it was discovered that “Candy Man” was the nickname for the dealer in the underworld.

– Alexandra Karpuchina